Wejapa: Connecting Tech Talents To Jobs Abroad (Wejapa Internship)

Oct. 4, 2020, 7:35 p.m. davidozokoye Articles
 WeJapa: Connecting Tech Talents to Jobs abroad (WeJapa Internship)


Finding good-paying tech jobs is the dream of every software developer. In Nigeria, most software development firms are looking for senior developers with skillset requirements most times of an entire IT team. I once applied for a job as a WordPress Developer in a tech company in Nigeria. During the interview, they basically changed the entire job description and said I will be doing more PHP backend development and Payment integration.

Most junior developers tend to be discouraged after learning a particular language, only to see the required skill set for the job they plan on applying. WeJapa is a new tech startup launched 3 weeks ago by a young Nigerian entrepreneur and software Developer Mr. Favor Ori. The startup promises to match tech talents with jobs abroad.

The timing couldn't have been any better considering the negative impact caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in many countries of the world. The pandemic has forced many activities to be on hold, businesses shut down, even tech companies are laying off some of their staff due to the outbreak.

History of WeJapa

"WeJapa" according to the brand is a term coined from a popular Nigerian slang "Japa", meaning "we move." Their goal is to facilitate the career growth and development of Software Developers/Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientist/Analyst, or any tech-related professionals by helping them gain access to better job opportunities without any limitation to location. They have a pool of very relatable brands that are passionate about empowering African's with several tech jobs across Africa, Europe, and North America.

About WeJapa

WeJapa is a tech outsourcing company, whose primary mission is to link tech talents (developers, designers, team managers) to good-paying jobs abroad. In other words, they help you Japa. In Nigeria, tech talents are under-appreciated in some firms, and typically require a single developer to be skilled in many languages before being considered for a job.

How to Download WeJapa App

WeJapa is more of a mobile application tech solution and is available on Google Playstore for android users as well as the Apple AppStore for iOS users. The app will install automatically once downloaded. You can visit the official WeJapa website to download from there as well.

How to Register on WeJapa

Registering on the platform is as easy as downloading the application from the AppStore (Android and iOS) and filling in your basic details with links to your social media profile and GitHub page. Once you complete your registration, your account is automatically on review, which according to the Brand takes 5 - 10 working days to review. As at the time of publishing this post, the rigors involved in getting verified on the platform are still unknown to us. We will update this post once we get more information.

About the Founders

Mr. Favor Ori is a software engineer from Nigeria. He schooled in the United States of America where he got to learn how to code and eventually landed a paying job in the states. He has also sold two startups (Tugure and College Situation) in the last 3 months generating a profit of about $90,000. He is also the founder of an NGO Favcode54 that trains Africa youths passionate about technology.

Mrs. Hauwa Aguillard: Software Developer, community advocate, and Content Creator
A good friend of mine recommended Favcode54 to me back in 2018. I have always been passionate about technology and programming in general. After undergoing training from Favcode54, it was a game-changer for me in my career. In the space of three months, I was able to learn frontend development, UI Design using Figma, Chatbot Development as well as WordPress Development. 

I also got the opportunity to undergo a remote internship at HNG Internship with recommendations from FavCode54. The knowledge gained from the training helped tremendously both academically and in real-life situations. UJ Vibes Blog was designed using WordPress based on Knowledge gained from partaking in FavCode54.


Statistics show that the demand for software developers is higher than there is the supply. This is to show you that the best time to learn software or tech-related skills is now. There are countless opportunities available. You just need to learn at least one programming language and build at least one project with that language. Also, I would recommend you learn how git and GitHub work in general if you don't already know what it is. WeJapa is here to stay, so buckle up and fine-tune your resume or portfolio while you await your dream Tech job. Japa... Japa… (in Naira Marley's Voice)

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