How To Make YouTube Channel Logo On Android Using Pixellab

Looking for an easy way to make a logo for your new YouTube channel? If that is the case, not to worry. We have you covered in this descriptive guide.

YouTube is the largest video search engine in the world. Billions of views are recorded every minute according to YouTube statistics. To gain traction on YouTube requires a lot of time and work. The first thing you need to set up is your channel logo except you are using your face as the logo, that’s perfectly okay by the way.

If you wish to create a logo for your YouTube channel, you could outsource the contract to a designer but that would cost you some money. In this guide, I will show you how to make a logo for a YouTube channel for free in 2020 using just your smartphone and Pixellab application.

In this article, we will explain;

  • Why do you need a logo for YouTube channel
  • How to make a logo for a YouTube channel
  • Conclusion

Why do you need a logo for YouTube channel

A professionally designed channel logo gives potential Subscribers the impression that you are serious with your channel.

Your channel logo shows up on the YouTube search page beside your video which could lead to more views from the search page and suggested videos if properly designed.

Gives your channel the look and feel of a branded page. In my next post, I will show you how to make YouTube channel art using Pixellab, so stay tuned to this website.

How to Make Logo for YouTube Channel

You need to have Pixellab installed on your device. Head over to Playstore and download Pixellab if you don’t have it installed.

I like to have a rough sketch of the logo I want to design on a piece of paper (I recommend using this same approach).

  1. Open Pixellab >> Go to page settings and set the logo aspect ratio. In this case, it should be a square logo as recommended by YouTube. >> Set the color of your brand or add an image background if you prefer using that.
  2. Use the text tool to add the text of the logo, the name texts, the header texts, etc.
  3. The text tool has a lot of formatting you can add to beautify your texts
  4. I use textures for my coloring most times (to get free textures, go to
  5. You can apply 3d effects to the text, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that just yet.
  6. If your logo has shapes, (circles, squares, triangles, etc) >> Click on the shape tool and select the shape of your choice. The color doesn’t matter at this point.
  7. You can reduce the opacity of the shape, and increase the stroke if you would like to use an outline of the shape.
  8. Once you are done adding all the necessary shapes and setting the color/texture >> Merge all layers.
  9. From here you can save your logo in plain 2d or you can go a little bit further and add some effects to it. The most used effects are; 3d shape, emboss, and shadow tool. Those are the ones I often use to create Logos for clients.
  10. After adding all the extra effects >> click on the save icon and select Ultra in the image dimension >> Save your image.
  11. Proceed to your YouTube dashboard to upload your new Logo.

Note: There’s a video tutorial with a more practical approach explaining most of the steps in visual details. The link will be at the end of this post.

Conclusion – How to Make Logo for YouTube Channel

In this descriptive guide, I have shared an easy way to design a logo for a YouTube channel using your smartphone and Pixellab. I hope you find this post helpful.

If you are the type that focuses more on creating content and don’t have the time to make your channel logo, you can reach out to us to help you set up your channel Logo.

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