Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination – 6 Ways To Help You Stay Focused

Are you struggling with procrastination? Not to worry, in this article we will show practical ways of overcoming procrastination and help you stay focused.

Procrastination simply put is  the act of delaying tasks until the last minute, past the deadline. or an irrational delay of important tasks despite the negative consequences involved.

Research has made it known to us that about 95% of people living in the world procrastinate to some degree and are held back by the trap of procrastination.

When you procrastinate, it reduces your productivity ability and motivation leading to achieving fewer goals which causes depression and even losing one’s job, in most cases.

In this article, we will discuss some steps you can apply to overcome procrastination.


How to overcome procrastination

We should strive to overcome the habit of procrastinating on important matters to avoid being set in that part of depression, here are 6 ways to overcome procrastination.


  • Recognizing when you  are procrastinating
  • Forgive yourself
  • Set your priorities
  • Drop  perfectionism
  • Get rid of any form of distraction
  • Try to finish up difficult tasks or work

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1. Recognizing when you are procrastinating

It is very important to recognize when you’re in the trap of procrastination, many people who are suffering from much depression today fail to take the right actions even  when they finally recognize that they are in the trap of procrastination

It’s just like when you see your very expensive clothing about to be destroyed and you refuse to take it away from being destroyed ( I’ll take it off from there tomorrow), tomorrow might be too late to take it off, it’s either destroyed or in a very bad state.

Learn to take that very important step and make the right choice before it’s too late for you to take or make it.


2. Forgive yourself

Many people develop the habit of hate for themselves after they finally realize the damage procrastinating has done to them. Some label themselves losers, those words of hate like” I’m a loser” ” had I know” etc will only make matters worse for you

Such words tend to make you lose focus and be less productive, you should only try to use past procrastination to your advantage. How?

Focus on what went in your avoidance, it might be fear, lack of understanding towards making progress, etc. Then focus on the best steps you can take to improve and overcome those causes of your procrastination.


3. set your priorities

Setting your priorities helps keep your things more organized, and gives your everyday activities little flow. Setting up your priorities also helps curb negative feelings, helping in giving you some sense of accomplishment.

When something is very important, you should put in more effort towards seeing that you reach that goal. In doing so, you’re likely to achieve more success and accomplishment.


4. Drop perfectionism

Perfectionism has many negative consequences and is causing lots of damage. A perfectionist beats himself up for anything that appears not to be perfect, robbing themselves of the satisfaction that comes from the things that they are doing well.

You should know that when you let go of being a perfectionist, you tend to Excel and make more progress in whatever you’re trying to achieve

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5. Get rid of any form of distraction

Learn the habit that makes you stay focused when carrying out your everyday routines. Make an environment where you’ll be less tempted to get preoccupied with things that’s not your priorities.

Put on signals to those around you on your ” free distraction mode”, do away with your phone, shut your office door, etc.

In addition, avoid multitasking for it’s also a form of distraction. Focus on getting one task done then go into achieving another task. By limiting the numbers of your everyday routine, you’ll have a clearer mind on what you’re working on at that moment.


6. Try to finish up difficult tasks first

One must finish up any project or task he/ she starts. It is only when you finish a task you’ll be recognized for a good job well done. There shouldn’t be any such thing as “I don’t have the time to finish it” because we all have the same time, same hours of every day that passes

Look at your calendar, make out the time to finish up any hanging project or task you are supposed to have completed. When you create the habit of finishing any project you start, you also tend to be very productive.



Procrastination is one of the big challenges that the majority of individuals all around the world face, so you shouldn’t see yourselves as losers or failures when it gets bad.

You should only make it better by creating a better you and setting out rules not to make the same mistakes again.

In this article, we explained 6 ways you can overcome procrastination and become more productive. Has these tips worked for you, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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