7 Hidden Fact you Didn’t Know About Your Google Account

Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world with a variety of products and services that are available to users with a Google account. With your Google account, you can control a lot of your online profile and also access money-making Apps. In this post, we will share the top 7 Hidden facts you didn’t know about your Google account.

Many people use Google primarily to access the free email account provided by Google and nothing else. But it goes beyond just checking your mail and sending emails to your contacts.

The free Gmail account given by Google is used for sending emails and also for registration on most websites online such as Facebook, Nairaland, etc. Here are other reasons to have a google account.


Why you Need a Google Account

For starters, a google account gives you access to a free email account. You can use the email to receive messages from your boss at work or send emails to your friends.

In addition, your google account gives you access to register on most social networking platforms. Considering most websites only allow registrations with a valid email address.

Ultimately, you will need to have a google account before you can activate your new android device. I’m guessing you already know that. Well here are 7 mind-blowing facts you probably do not know about your google account.

gmail - hidden facts about google account

7 Hidden Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Google Account

  1. Personal Blog
  2. YouTube Channel (Free)
  3. Free 30GB Cloud storage (Google Drive)
  4. AdWords Account
  5. Google Earth
  6. Colab
  7. Free Portfolio

1. Personal Blog

By virtue of having a Google account, you qualify for a free blog, to share your thoughts online. The blog can be accessed on blogger.com, simply visit the blogger website and sign in using your Google account.

The benefits of a blog cannot be overemphasized. Popular bloggers in Nigeria such as Lindaikeji, BellaNaija, OgbongeBlog, Naijaloaded, all started out on the blogger platform.

Today they’ve built an empire from having a simple Google account, using Google AdSense. A platform for publishers to make money through their website traffic.

youtube home - hidden facts about google account

2. Free YouTube Channel

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform and video search engine in the world. People visit for a lot of purposes such as entertainment, tutorials, motivation among other categories.

Creators on YouTube are making a lot of money from their YouTube channel, which they created for free and with no monthly subscriptions of any sort. Mark Angel Comedy is one of the biggest YouTubers in Nigeria, making over $1000 (N400,000) weekly from YouTube. That is to show you that there is no limit to the amount of money you can make.

To access your YouTube channel, simply visit the YouTube creators’ website and sign in using your Google account.

3. Free Cloud Storage (Google Drive)

Google Drive comes pre-installed on most Android devices since Google are the owners of the Android Operating System. The cloud storage allocated to every Google account is About 32GB, which can be used to store files such as music, contacts, videos, pictures, and other important documents.

The benefit of using this storage is that your file will always be available as long as Google’s servers are running. Cloud storage can also be used to host static web pages, which is a good feature for web developers.

4. AdWords Account – Hidden Facts About Google Account

AdWords is Google’s advertising platform, for digital marketers, business owners to use as a platform to target their adverts to potential clients. Most digital marketers, either working remotely in an industry, utilize this platform to generate leads for their clients. If you’re a marketer, learning how Google AdWords work will increase your portfolio because digital marketing skills are one of the most sort out skills in 2020 since most businesses are going online.

5. Google Earth

This tool is Google’s API for building location-based software. Google started the project in 2008 and officially launched in 2014. They offered free listing for local business owners in an attempt to capture remote areas into their database. Google Maps is the parent project, which offers location services for travelers. You can use it for navigation when traveling to a new place.

6. Colab

Google Colab is a cloud graphical user interface for wrong and testing machine learning models. The platform is primarily for python language and comes pre-installed with most machine learning models such as Keras, pandas, Ski-kit learn, PyTorch, and other models used in Maine learning. Using Google Colab you don’t have to worry about installing heavy libraries on your computer just to test out a model.

7. Free Portfolio

If you’re looking for a simple portfolio for your small business, or to advertise your skills, but you don’t have the budget to hire the services of a web developer, you can utilize Google’s about me page, to add details about yourself, so when someone asks about your portfolio, you have something to share. It is good for beginners, but as you progress in your career, it is advisable to create a professional Portfolio website, if you’re a freelancer.

Conclusion – Hidden Facts about Google Account

I bet you didn’t know you had access to a lot of these through your Google account. The fun part about all these is that they are available for free for everyone and you can build a career online at little to no cost. 

Instead of letting your Google account just sit idle, you can try out some of the features. If you are passionate about blogging, you can start a free blogger blog. After gaining some traction, you can then move to a more secure domain.

If you want to create a website, you can reach out to us, so our team of web developers can help you setup your personal and business websites.

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