Nd Media Designs Celebrating 10k Subscribers On Youtube

Hello everyone, We just want to say thank you for all the love and support you all have given the ND Media Designs Brand. We would not have reached this milestone without your support.

The journey has not been an easy one but we bless God for the progress so far. It’s barely a year we went full-time into making videos on youtube and we are over 10k stronger. It shows we are doing a great job.

We are working towards serving you better than we have done in the past. We have some big announcements and channel updates that will help you access our resources much better.

In our next post, we will announce all the new features and update that we have been working on. I promise you will love them.

Thanks again for the continuous support. We have a little giveaway for all our subscribers, here’s how it works and how you too can partake in the giveaway.

How ND Media Designs Giveaway Works

The giveaway will be in two formats. This is to ensure each and every one of our subscribers gains something from us.

Free Source Files

First, we will share a link to our source files (plp files) so you can import them directly to your pixellab app.

To import them, first download the presets from this link. After that, go to your file manager and select all the files.

Now, move them to your pixellab folder (should be placed in the presets directory). You can watch our video guide for tips on how to import plp files.

Free Logo Designs for 3 Subscribers

The second giveaway is a logo design pack for 3 of our subscribers. We will design 3 logos for 3 subscribers.

To participate, like our giveaway video on youtube and then comment the name of the logo you want us to design for you.

Now share the giveaway video on your various social media handles.

Next, invite your friends to like the video and like your comment.

The top 3 commenters with the highest likes on their comment will be selected as the giveaway winners. Their logos will be designed and sent to them privately.

We will announce the winners after one week from the date the video was published.


ND Media Designs aims to be the best platform to learn skills for free even without owning a laptop. We hope to achieve this dream soon. Thank you all and remain blessed.

Do you want a free logo? Here’s your chance to get that now.

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